Being a teacher.

Am a proud teacher in a remote school in Kenya. My school is so remote that even getting internet and network connection is a privilege. Here internet is a luxury

In this part of the world students are very eager to learn but the environment kills majority of them even before doing national my form one class nearly half of the girls already are mothers.most boys even lack basic things like toothbrush and paste.Biro pens are a privilege.

The students here some have never seen a supermarket or general shop.all they know is the biggest shop in the market centre.they are trying to understand basic things in nature.however the region produces most trusted people in Kenya. They don’t lie.and do not reveal secret.

I know as a teacher I can produce the best engineer or technician here.THIS physics MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE.THATS IS A TEACHER IN ME.



With the incoming of digital migration there has been an upsurge of television stations.some of this stations have no content and will keep repeating the same programs.

There are a lot of copycat programs with some missing the point.So bad is the situation that the production houses have become independent.they sell the same programes to willing buyers.this may be three different stations.

the law on plagiarism should be enforced.hope the market will balance out.


Technology is good but with numerous challenges.the uprising of social media sites and mobile apps are killing the traditional modes and making businesses redundant.

Am looking at a day all talking will be wireless with no need for movement.however we are loosing the social communication and cohesion.who will save us?

Ideal african man

Africa is a great content with great people.africans are always thought to be black skinned or chocolate.They are great in many ways.they sire many children,work hard and relate well.they are clever and work in unique ways.its only in africa that a child belongs to the society.that is great.

power plays in kenya

Hello everyone out there.Have you ever wondered what controls power in the small country Kenya?……..a small group of rich and manourvourous state and business people control what Kenyans think,talk,take and memorize about there country.

This people are extra rich with industries that supply everything from food, transport,media,clothing and construction.The super rich are always competing on who can move the other out of business or power.They influence your taste of certain foods by reducing there cost or hoarding them to make them unavailable.

They influence who becomes the presidential candidate and through propaganda and there media influence your take on a given candidate.They run there deals from ward,parliamentary,senate,women reps,president and party politics.This people are here to stay.we cant do without them lest the economy crumbles.